How Much Is Shipping?
  Shipping is a Flate Rate UPS Ground $0 to the Continental United States and Ground Canada
Can I Purchase and Item without using Paypal Checkout?
  Yes. You can order via telephone Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm at 866-829-1456
Do You Sell These wheels in other Sizes?
  Some Styles we do. You can visit our main site at
Will this wheel fit my car?
  Email us via the form below. Please be sure to include the partnumber of the wheel and year make model of your car.
What Does PCD & PCD2 Mean?
  PCD is the also know as the bolt circle or boltpattern. It is the number of lug holes and their spacing. Example 5x4.5 has five lug holes and they are spaced out 4.5 inches from the hole accross it. If there is a value for PCD2 that means the wheel has 2 boltpatterns drilled into it
What Does Blank Mean under PCD?
  Blank means that there is no boltpattern drilled into that wheel. You can have you own boltpattern drilled to it as long as the wheels mounting pad can fit it.
What is the PCD or Boltpattern of my car?
  They vary from vehicle to vehicle please use the email box below to ask. Please include the year make and model.
Do I need aftermarket Lug Nuts with my new wheels?
  Yes. Almost all aftermarket wheels have smaller lug holes than the factory wheels. In most cases they wont even fit in the holes. Aftermarket tapered lugs are also required to center the wheel to the hub.
Are any of these wheels Hub Centric? Do I need Hub Centric Rings to make my wheels center on my car?
  Some wheels are made to be Hub Centric pleasae ask below to see ifWith most aftermarket wheels and lugs hubcentric rings are not required. The majority of aftermarket wheels and lugs are tapered. When tightened in the above sequence per your lug pattern the wheels will center themselves.

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